One of the most common games on casinos around the world is Black Jack. One of the reasons may be that Black Jack has the best odds on the casino on the players side. It’s not just the coincidence that decides when you play Black Jack, but a certain amount of skill is included and we give you a guide on how the game works and how you win at casino online. Welcome and good luck in your black jack games!

Black Jack’s story

Already in the 18th century, Black Jack was played and it was in France that you think gambling began. The French had a game called ”vingt-et-un” (number 21), which is believed to be the origin of Black Jack. Black Jack is after all about getting as close to 21 as possible. French colonists then brought the Black Jack game to North America during the 20th century. For some reason, there was no immediate hit at the casino, so one started trying to attract the players with extra bonuses. If you got spades ace or spades jack, you won for example 10 times the money. The game 21 now got its new name – Black Jack – which means just black jack.

Black Jack Strategies

During the 50’s, one began to look at how to turn the odds into the player’s advantage in Black Jack. A mathematician named Roger Baldwin wrote an article called The optimal strategy in Blackjack, which showed how to play Black Jack to get as much chance as possible. For some reason, his article had no major impact. But, today 50 years later, it is actually Baldwin’s strategies used when talking about the most optimal strategy for Black Jack. The book Beat the Dealer, written by Thorps, is based on just Balwin’s theories and has become a huge success. Here you take up the possibility of counting cards.

Count cards in Black Jack

Despite having tried to fight cheating in Black Jack in all years, it is thus possible to count cards in order to increase their chances of winning. In order to prevent this, in Las Vegas, for example, one started using six full decks of cards. Compared to the beginning when you only used a cardstock, it now became much harder and few players could not keep the bill when there were so many options when the same card was available twice. Still, many people continue to try their hand at card counting, although in most cases it is purely impossible and if you want to use card counting in black jack then you can look for the variants that only have a deck of cards.

Increased winning chances

Strategies such as card counting and more are ways to increase their odds and gain increased chances of winning. There is more than just the thing about counting cards, other strategies that make it possible to win on black jack even though these are weakened by the variant with several decks. How to win at blackjack? At  you will find a lot of tips that make you wiser on how it works and what you can do to increase their chances. As all casino games require practice to become good players and this also applies to the card game which is also called 21. Here you can first try to play against friends or directly get started and play for free at the casino, thus you can play properly but do not risk to lose something.

Play Black Jack online

Nowadays you can also play Black Jack online. This is a new kind of way to play Black Jack and it can even give you better payout. Since everything is kept online, the casino does not have to pay costs for, among other things, dealers who otherwise distribute the cards on land-based casinos. You therefore get a larger payout which is really fun. Besides this, you can also enjoy much more that gives you greater chances of winning and playing casino games online has many advantages. If you do not believe us, read on and see what you can get for extra benefits when playing online casino.

One of the biggest benefits of playing on the internet, no matter which game you are interested in, is bonuses. These extra cash or extra spins that you can play for free are available only when you play online and you cannot go to a land-based casino for a bonus. Black jack bonus is available at most internet casinos and it is because the game is classic. Without a blackjack game at a casino online, you can hardly count it as a gaming portal and the most common casino bonuses on the table game are the deposit bonus. Here you simply make a simple deposit and get extra money to play with.

Perhaps the best thing about playing on the internet is that there are plenty of game options and alternatives to your favorite casino games. At an online casino there are no less than 300 different games that you can take part of and if you are really lucky internet casinos have over 2,000 games. So much you can’t play at a land-based casino, like Casino Cosmopol in Sweden. Of black jack there are many game variants that give you variety even in the same casino game. It is perfect for those who also want to vary between live black jack games and vending machines where the game is displayed in a machine. If an online casino offers live games you can see through categories within games such as ”Live Casino” or just ”Live Games”.

If you need more benefits to playing black jack online, we can cover the width not only in casino games and slots but also in the number of online casinos. There are lots of options with different themes, bonus offers, designs and game variations. What suits you best is simply up to you and you can find some casinos that offer Black Jack online at . Compare different online casinos to find the best deals and the top games that will give you a profit on your account. Can’t you decide? Then it is not entirely impossible to have several memberships at different casinos.